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i am having fun with The Secret Saturdays and other anime with cute boys and guys

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I'm sorry! I should've kept my mouth shut... <hides under table again>

uhm.. Are you the unsure anon?

If so, I would love to do that art request of yours, but I need to talk more about the details with you, so you don’t have to apologize or anything.

Hey, did that unsure anon ever tell you that request?

uhm…not really.One of the unsure anon’s friends send me the request a while ago….

and I am still in shock with that request…

Hi Washichan! How are you doing?

I am fine, thank you.

Do you ever get that sinking feeling that anything you ask is eaten by the ask box?

sometimes but I really don’t care much…

i have this feeling that your ask is eaten by my ask box, maybe?

Washichan! What's happening? I'm getting really worried...

uhm.. nothing, I am working with my art files so don’t worried…

Hi, I'm that "nervous anon" as that other one said. I'm sorry for the weird request...

I didn’t even hear your request! You just said: “Zak and Francis…” and then stop! I said it’s OK so you can speak out, all right?

Am I too late for this? 

Drawn for a Beyblade Art Collab run by kuruwaba 

Helios is… too colorful?(me and my lazy ass….)

He looks cool with his hand on fire( likes in the movie) so.. yeah….

You haven't posted since that unsure anon talked to you...

oh I am just working with some unfinished art files, so I haven’t post anything yet…

anyway thanks for asking. Ớ w Ờ

Washi? Are you okay?

I am ok. Is there anything wrong?

Are you sure? My request is really weird...

as I said, it’s OK. Ờ  w Ớ