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i am having fun with The Secret Saturdays and other anime with cute boys and guys

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Secret Trio and Celebrity Trio for your blog~~~~

Named Ben, Rex, Zak ‘s gang “Celebrity Trio” because Ben and Rex are celebrities with both humans and aliens( and Evos), Zak is a celebrity in cryptids ‘s world( and his bad reputation in NYC, too). I think it really fits for the gang.

it been a while since i last drew the Secret Trio…. 

played with marker and SAI and i have this!

Francis’s design by this cuttie, i just redraw it….

Kur! Zak design by me but all of these guys belong to Jay Stephen

gonna have exams next week …. OMG….* sigh*


April Fool’s day’s trickers

so April Fool’s day just passed but i hadn’t done anything so.. here are these~~~

inspiratione here[1][2][3] thank you cryptidkid- san~~~~

i am so done with these….. =_=

Happy ( late) April Fool’s Day

original first pic of my Kur! Zak’s AU

kinda wasted my time… a lot….

the original color of his clothes was white beach’s clothes, but it’s was hard to apply colors so i changed to black

it’s so good to come back here~~~ 

i am kinda bored so i made this- a TSS’s AU, base on this of cryptidkid- san

 Zak become violent when his power grown after the last battle with Argos In the end, he turned into Kur himself and more powerful than ever. He doesn’t need the Claws anymore, cuz his power is too strong. He created chaos everywhere, crushed everyone he met with his Kur’s power. Even Ragi Nagi can’t even go near him without permission, he will kill her. Crydtids have to protect him from any harm no matter what. He is a king, a ruler, a psycho in black coat.


continue my high school AU of Ben 10’s aliens~~~~

Ditto is a cutie little Spaniard who is XLR8 ‘s neighbor. Likes to mess with XLR8 a lots and 8 finds (a little) hard to catch this brat because he is running and multiplying himself every times 8 chases him.

Echo Echo is Ditto’s cousin. Likes Ditto, he can multiplying himself, too. He hardly ever talks but when he does,his voice can tears up anybody ears’s near him.

Buzzshock is Ditto and Echo's buddy. He likes to mess with the electricity a lots. Feedback is his idol.


So you want to make an OC?: A Masterpost of Ways to Create, Develop, and Make Good OCs!

i made this masterpost in hopes that it helps you in making your own OCs ah;; it can also apply to developing RP characters i suppose! if you’d like to add more resources then go for it sugar pea (´ヮ`)!

How to Write Better OCs:

Character Development:


Mary Sue/Gary Stu







again, this is to help inspire you or help establish your OCs! i hope you get a lot of info and help from this ahh ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ

so.. i was kinda wandering around Ben 10 fandom until i saw these super cute Swampfire x Big Chill’s pages of solpygrim ( thank you solpygrim- san!)and i came up with this idea about AU where they are all humans, go to high school and have lovely dovey love~~~

Swampfire is a guy looks like a punk but really he is just a dork who really into plants and his interest for Big Chill when they first met at school in the winter break while he took care of the plants.

Big Chill is a tsundere  guy who is hardly ever take off his masks accept for eating because his super freezing breath. Pumped into Swampfire while he was wandering in the school’s corridors in winter break and after that, he became Swamp’s lovely target.

Feedback is Swamp’s senpai and neighbor, kinda looks like a bad boy but he is a sweet guy, kinda supports for Swamp and Chill’s love

XLR8 is Feedback’s BFF and a super speed of sound rollerblading. Pumped into Swamp and Chill while they were…. uhm… having there special moment with Feedback after school and likes Feedback, he cheers for those two, too.

Monday: i am gonna have a great day and no one can stop me!

Francis: At less put away that bomb in your shamrocks, you maniac!


So… i kinda pumped into Sr.Patrick’s day side so…. i made this!

Happy St. Patrick’s Day TSS fandom from our green ones!

here Zak to the celebrate, too! he is eating green waffles… nah…

So i had some free time… so i drew  these…

part of my AU when i finished read Assclass chapter 70… yeah just a angry-mode’s AU, but it’s kinda fun… Ớ v Ờ

In the future 10 years from then, Nagisa is a pro assassin in the under world with code name Lust and a successful journalist with his talent. He is a beautiful man (and woman) who can seduce anyone he wants with his charm.

Karma became a salaryman who is very popular which in the under world and the surface world. Some rumors from the surface world says he is a violent and scary business man, but some says not. He a mystery man and only Nagisa knows what he wants.( probably)

Kayano became a celebrity in acting, she is, now is known as Kayano- kun ( she is not trans-sexual or anything) who is a popular actress in all kind of plays and she is a assassin sometimes, when Nagisa need her advice for his work…

so… it’s kinda like that…. my AU….